Synthesis of Hierarchical Controllers Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies


We propose a novel approach to the problem of controller design for environments modeled as Markov decision processes (MDPs). Specifically, we consider a hierarchical MDP a graph with each vertex populated by an MDP called a “room”. We first apply deep reinforcement learning (DRL) to obtain low-level policies for each room, scaling to large rooms of unknown structure. We then apply reactive synthesis to obtain a high-level planner that chooses which low-level policy to execute in each room. The central challenge in synthesizing the planner is the need for modeling rooms. We address this challenge by developing a DRL procedure to train concise “latent” policies together with PAC guarantees on their performance. Unlike previous approaches, ours circumvents a model distillation step. Our approach combats sparse rewards in DRL and enables reusability of low-level policies. We demonstrate feasibility in a case study involving agent navigation amid moving obstacles.

arXiv Preprint